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There seems to be lot of ways on how to load an image and do upload. On one of my first attempts to do it I thought I have done it ok. It seemed so as when I test it on my machine and upload to server it was OK. However recently when trying my app I noticed… Read the full article

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Hi have some development going on Silverlight. For that I am using some nifty controls from telerik that help save some time (sometimes…). In a gridview I was struggling to have a combobox for one of collumns. Tried some examples but nothing seemed to work… Until I found the answer! You can go on your… Read the full article

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On my last post I was talking about navigation on silverligth… actually the term was “toying around with rootshell” … something like that. In that case what I was trying to achieve was to entirely switch whole view. Now what I would like to do is to just switch one part of the view. To… Read the full article

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Well.. as a novice I am to Silverligtht I found my self wanting to change VisualRoot. Most of you do Know that VisualRoot in Silverligtht is a one time set property… If you start developing a App and are aware of concerns related to Silerligtht then you have all thought.. instead if like me you… Read the full article

Silverligth Out Of Browser update feature… is it working?

Well… because of thing I was doing before I needed to have feature of update for Out of Browser enabled. For what could be thought it should be easy… WRONG!!!! Microsoft ain’t made it easy because of a bug. You can follow thread that helped me out in here. Main thing is that Visual Studio adds in Properties folder a file… Read the full article

Google Maps on Silverlight… Is it Possible?

I do believe that there is many people like me that would like to integrate Google maps on a Silverlight application. However there are many reasons for not being able to. The first of all is that it would break Google licensing, since they only allow to access Google Maps API (at this date v3) by JavaScript. Besides that… Read the full article

Whitespace is not allowed after end of Markup Extension — Silverlight Compile Time Error

Save by the bell!! I must thank to Varsha Mane on his blog for a perfect explication on this issue. link: http://varshavmane.blogspot.com/2010/06/whitespace-is-not-allowed-after-end-of.html Bottom line: if you have something on your xaml like “} “” It just won’t work. Happy (and safe) coding! быстрый займ работа UAE escorts asian cheap escorts in dubai best escort agency… Read the full article