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Silverligth Out Of Browser update feature… is it working?

Well… because of thing I was doing before I needed to have feature of update for Out of Browser enabled. For what could be thought it should be easy… WRONG!!!! Microsoft ain’t made it easy because of a bug. You can follow thread that helped me out in here. Main thing is that Visual Studio adds in Properties folder a file… Read the full article

Google Maps on Silverlight… Is it Possible?

I do believe that there is many people like me that would like to integrate Google maps on a Silverlight application. However there are many reasons for not being able to. The first of all is that it would break Google licensing, since they only allow to access Google Maps API (at this date v3) by JavaScript. Besides that… Read the full article

Adding image source on code-behind

This is a very simple line that I tend to forget: [csharp] this.MyImage.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri("/MyNameSpace;images/someimage.png", UriKind.Relative)) [/csharp] Is just on how to set image source on a image container. It can also refer a different project as if it was a module if you have set it so (I think)… [csharp] imageSource = new… Read the full article