Well.. as a novice I am to Silverligtht I found my self wanting to change VisualRoot.

Most of you do Know that VisualRoot in Silverligtht is a one time set property…

If you start developing a App and are aware of concerns related to Silerligtht then you have all thought.. instead if like me you are doing things for first time you will bum in the wall many times. (hope it not to fall down… :) )

At the moment, I was trying to implement an authentication for app… a nice login page and after authenticated my main application. To me it is like navigating to a new page.. or control.. as you want to call it. But VisualRoot does not allow me to do that!!!! bummer!

My app is set over PRISM and Unity so I started looking on what I could do with Prism.. actually not much because my silverlight app was thought to start with authentication done, not to authenticate…

I googled until finding a nice article explaining what could be done.
My source here.

The mains spot is having a user control that allows to switch controls inside:

public partial class UserControlContainer : UserControl
public UserControlContainer()

public void SwitchControl(UserControl newControl)
if (newControl != null)
Height = newControl.Height;
Width = newControl.Width;

My lab project:SilverlightPrismNavigationDemo
I don’t believe that a demo would make great difference, but if someone asks for it I don’t mind on setting it online…
The name can be misunderstood since I didn’t set Prism on end…